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Atlas Heating is able to service a home that uses a boiler.

While many homes and businesses might use a furnace, Atlas Heating is able to service a home that uses a boiler instead. In fact, we recognize that in many cases, a boiler might be more efficient than a furnace.


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Homes and businesses have been heating themselves with furnaces for decades, and in many cases, buildings still use the original furnace. Typically, this means less than ideal efficiency and cost. Atlas Heating Co. is proud to be your source for repairs and upgrades in Oregon, OH, and Toledo, OH.

Do you feel like the air in your home does not warm up as quickly as you'd like it to? Or maybe you've heard some odd noises coming from your furnace. Perhaps the main issue is that your heating bills are slowly creeping up without any increase in use. If any of these things are the case, it may be an indication that it's time to get a solid repair, or even a replacement and upgrade.

In past decades, furnaces were not manufactured to be nearly as efficient as they are today. This, coupled with age, means that your interior might be dealing with a steady decline in heating performance. Unfortunately, unless the whole unit stops working, you might not notice until things get really bad. For this reason, it pays to have regular maintenance checks, even if nothing in particular seems wrong.

Atlas Heating will be glad to service either a gas or oil furnace. We can also work with electric varieties. Heat pumps and duct work are also areas we can address. From a free estimate on a new installation to replacing a worn out heating unit, Atlas will be there.

Call Atlas Heating Co. today to set up your furnace appointment in Oregon, OH or Toledo, OH. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

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